Free Christmas Carol App

I thought this was topical – We Are Worship in the UK (part of Integrity Music) have made available this free Christmas Carol App. If you need Christmas carol lyrics on a smartphone, this App might prove useful. Complementary resources (sheet music, lyric videos etc) are available from the We Are Worship website.

Available for both Apple and Android, the app lists the words to lots of favourite carols, and some modern options as well.

Given most fire departments frown on candles lighting anything, this can give a modern twist to your next carols service, and assist keeping the environmental impact of such events low, with no need to print song sheets. I suspect if you use this in public, it would be worth having the musos thoroughly check the words match the tune they intend using …

The app allows each user to customise the size of text and colour scheme used for the words so it can best suit their particular vision needs or fashion sense.

The app is available via , or search your app store for “carol words”.

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