Radio Spectrum: Accessibility or Entertainment?

Radio Spectrum Management have been circulating a consultation and discussion document, “Preparing for 5G in New Zealand – Technical Consultation”.  The “gotcha” in the fine print is that one option being considered is to move the IMT Band (Industrial & Medical Telemetry Band) as well as make some provision for 5G into the 600MHz Band. …

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A quick guide to using microphones effectively; a presenter’s perspective

A lot of us never need to get behind the business end of a microphone. But for those who have to present regularly, it is important to have a basic understanding of how different microphones work. Then we are able to adapt our speaking technique to suit the microphone in front of us as we …

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Church Websites: Part One

Buidling the word website (with cranes)

So, why have a parish/congregation website?  Like many things in the communications field, the first question is, “What are you trying to achieve?  What is that makes this a desirable objective for us to accomplish?”  Given that there is no truly free way to develop a website – at the very least someone will spend time, and time has a value, even if we don’t end up paying money for it.  We need to make sure that the resources we spend make us a return of the type we are looking for.

Enabling Inclusion

I believe it is fair to say that the original motivation for a lot of church sound systems was the capability to record services to cassette, which could then be distributed to the housebound, the ill and others who might be interested.

Installing the Right AV Display

Installation tips for AV Display installation

first place.  The surest way to waste AV money is to acquire devices that don’t actually meet the needs of the situation.  Another sure way is to not install systems properly.  Improper installation can lead to systems being “too hard” to use, create safety hazards and/or poor quality displays.

Praising the Lord with microphones and Facebook

We need to find ways to “translate” our message to make ourselves more relevant, particularly to our youth. “Better use of ‘Technology’,” they say, “is one way to do this. But we don’t know how.” Technology is not be the be-all-and-end-all to being relevant, but it is useful.